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Ibiza welcomes over two million tourists every year, with the vast majority visiting between the months of May and October. This massive influx of people in such a short space of time inevitably puts a huge strain upon this tiny island’s resources and environment. To compensate for this the Balearic Island authorities have stated that the money raised from the ‘bill of sustainable EcoTax’ will go towards supporting natural heritage, tourism innovation, reinvestment in tourist areas and landscape care.

As a result of this action, tourists travelling to Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca are now obliged to pay a tourism tax. This is a charge on a per person, per night basis and applies to all holidaymakers aged 16 or over.

The rate of tax for private villa rentals is 2 € per night, plus another 10% IVA (equivalent to VAT).

The tourism tax rate for visitors staying at a hotel will depend upon the hotel’s star rating. Four and five star hotels will cost 2 € plus IVA per night, while one to three star hotels will cost 1 € plus IVA per night – the same as a private villa.

This rate is reduced by 50 percent for holidays exceeding ten days in duration and tourists visiting during the ‘off-season’ (between November and April).

This relatively new tax will normally be collected on arrival by the visitor’s travel company or hotel.

However, for guests of Ibiza Holiday Villas this tax will be collected upon arrival at the villa in cash. All guests will be informed of the applicable amount and whether in fact they will be required to pay it themselves in their final confirmation of holiday arrangements.

A fair number of our more generous villa owners are absorbing this extra tax themselves and may not ask you to pay any extra!

All of the funds raised by this new tax will go to help preserve the raw natural beauty of this most beautiful island, such as the UNESCO World Heritage site of Ses Salinas, a natural park which is home to more than 300 species of wildlife.. (pictured), and also be reinvested to some of the island´s most popular areas, ensuring that whilst Ibiza is booming, the island herself is protected and sustained.