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By nature we hate to blow our own trumpet, but we’re being harassed into doing so – so here goes…

Ibiza Holiday Villas are proud to announce that we have been appointed ‘authorised agents’ for Ibiza by ‘Le Collectionist’ – a global holiday villa rental company based on the Champs Élysées in Paris. Their observation on appointing us was that we ‘come back very quickly and are efficient (unlike lots of other people on the island!!)’. Hmm, high praise indeed!

In the meantime, you may have noticed that we are the recommended agents for wedding villas in the ‘Ibiza Wedding Guide’ http://ibiza-wedding-guide.com/portfolio/ibiza-villas-wedding/

We’re proud to announce our association with this prestigious organisation, as well as the thirty plus wedding villas that we’ve sourced in order to provide them with a comprehensive selection. This selection covers wedding parties from 30 to 200+ at villas all over the island and of all shapes and styles, in order to suit every budget – from the likes of you and me right through to royalty…