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Many people like to partake of a drink whilst enjoying time off from work on their holidays, especially somewhere hot like Ibiza. It is also a major element of Spanish life to pause at lunchtime for a big meal with the family, washed down with lashings of wine, followed by a lengthy siesta.

To a degree this explains the proliferation of drinking establishments on Ibiza. There are literally thousands of them and they come in every conceivable format, from world famous venues like Café del Mar to a table on the terrace of the tiny ‘tienda’ in the middle of nowhere.

Ironically, if you fancy trying some of the fine indigenous alcoholic heritage of Ibiza – ‘vino payes’, ‘hierbas’, ‘palo’ etc. – the best places to find the authentic homemade versions are at these unlikely country bars where the elderly landlord has probably been making his own authentic brew with recipes handed down over generations.

When sampling these wares we recommend employing the services of a ‘designated driver’…