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There are an extraordinary amount of restaurants on Ibiza, considering its size, in order to cater for the massive influx of summer tourists. However, even during the winter, when the majority of those in the tourist resorts are closed, there are a wide selection from which to choose both in the main towns and out in the countryside.

Similarly, as a result of the multinational make-up of the indigenous population, restaurants catering for all types of cuisine and representing every nationality prepare food to a high standard in an attempt to meet the expectations of their respective countrymen and to lure in other curious visitors.

The backdrop of Ibiza obviously offers a variety of options too, from toes in the sand fish restaurants to candlelit luxury alongside one of the fortress churches high up in the centre of the island, with starry skies complementing the distant twinkle of isolated farmhouses and fishing boats far out to sea.

One of the hardest problems on Ibiza is drawing a line between bars and restaurants as almost all bars have a kitchen too. Their offerings are invariably cheaper than you could possibly prepare the same dish yourself for.

The most obvious example of this phenomenon is the ‘menu del dia’. This is a three course meal, often with wine thrown in, generally for about ten euros. Simply buying the ingredients here would cost significantly more and that’s before you even enter your kitchen and turn the oven on!

Eating out on Ibiza can be very cheap, but if you look hard enough you can still find some very expensive eateries…